Physical Lab

Physical Lab
The lab has been fully equiped to analysis / determine the physical quality parameters / refractions of the food grains such as Foreign Matter.

Some important major Physical quality parameters of foodgrains are;

a.    Foreign Matter 
b.    Other Foodgrains 
c.    Varietal Admixture 
d.    Immature 
e.    Brokens 

i.    Big brokens in rice 
ii.    Medium brokens in rice 
iii.    Small brokens in rice


f.    Longitudinally broken grains in rice 
g.    Bursted grains in rice 
h.    Damaged 
i.    Pinpoint damaged
j.    Discoloured
k.    Insect Damaged Grains 

i.    Germ Eaten Grains 
ii.    Egg Spotted Grains 
iii.    Weeviled Grains 

l.    Kernels with Husk 
m.    Dehusked Grains 

 In case of rice, the following shall also constitute additional refractions: 

n.    Chalky 
o.    Red grains 
p.    Fragments 
q.    Degree of milling 
r.    Fragments (in Split Pulses) 
s.    Thousand kernel weight
t.    Out turn ratio (OTR) in paddy


Test Weight (Hectolitre Weight) - The weight of hundred litres of the commodity after removal of foreign matter.
Dockage - Non-foodgrain material which is possible to be removed by cleaning devices or sieving through an appropriate sieve.
Moisture - The loss in mass caused as a result of heating for two hours at 130 to 133°C under specified conditions and expressed as percentage.

Brokens Rice
Bursted-Damaged Rice
Kernels with Husk
Hectolitre Weight