Foodgrain Quality Monitoring

A.    Physical Quality Monitoring
B.    Chemical Quality Monitoring
C.    Pesticides Residue
D.    Mycotoxin Contamination

A.    Physical Quality Monitoring: Foodgrain are monitored / inspected for the physical quality parameters as per FSSAI specifications and Uniform Specifications issued by Department of Food and Public Distribution, Ministry of Consumer Affairs, Food and Public Distribution, Government of India time to time at movement and storage of Foodgrains.

  • At the time of Procurement (in Mandies, Procurement centers etc.)
  • During Storage 
i.    Farmers level storage
ii.    Traders level storage
iii.    Govt. storage agencies

B.    Chemical Quality Monitoring: are investigated in the foodgrains in different types of storage such as Bulk (SILOs), Bags etc. The foodgrain samples are drawn time to time from different storage agencies such as government storage agencies, private storage agencies (traders) etc. and analyzed for the chemical quality assurance.
Apart the chemical quality parameters the samples of foodgrain are also monitored for the biochemical as well as nutritional value changes in proportionate to storage period and type of storage environment.
The same chemical quality parameters are followed in case of R&D studies.

C.    Pesticides Residue:  Foodgrain stored at various levels (Govt./Commercial/Private/Farmers) are being treated with variety of pesticides to get rid of the pests (insects, rodents, microorganisms, etc.). In this context / condition the pesticides residues may retain on / in the foodgrains, foodgrain containers etc. To monitor such residual issues in foodgrains this Institute is being engaged in analyzing and monitoring foodgrain samples from various storage levels to ensure the safety of the consumers.

D.    Mycotoxin contamination: Foodgrain stored in Govt./Private/Farmers are naturally prone to the development of microorganism (fungi, bacteria, actinomycetes, etc.) due to some natural weather aberrations in the storage environment and metabolites of these microorganisms develops toxic substances in foodgrains which may be hazardous to human beings as well as domestic animals etc. In the interest of consumers health these mycotoxin contaminants are monitored by analyzing them from foodgrains in the Institute.