Website Policies

Content Archival Policy:
From time to time the content which expires after a certain date eg. Tender notifications, announcements for training programmes etc., a policy on whether the content should be archived for future reference or removed altogether from the website should be decided by the concerned Depatrtment after careful consideration of their nature of content. However, expired content must not be presented or flashed on website. The department Must have a clearly laid out Content Archival Policy( CAP) clarifying the rules set in this regard.
Website Monitoring Policy:
Website monitoring is essential to ensure that a website is available to users, downtime is minimized and performance can be must be monitored periodically in accordance with the plan to address and fix the quality and compatability issues around various parameters viz.
Performance: Site download time should be optimized, response time & Consistency should be maintained.
Functionality: All modules of the website should be tested for their functionality.interactive components of the site should work smoothly.
Traffic Analysis: The site traffic should be regularly monitored to analyse the usage patterns as well as visitors profile and preferences. Traffic analysis tools also give reports on broken links.
Feedback: Feedback from the visitors is the best way to judge a website’s performance and make necessary improvements. A proper mechanism for feedback analysis should be in place to carry out the changes and enhancements as suggested by the visitors.
Security Policy:
IGMRI takes all steps possible to ensure that the data on the website is accurate. If something is found to be inaccurate IGMRI will make every effort to correct said information as quickly as possible. If it is found to be an inaccuracy with the entire system IGMRI will work swiftly to correct the problem so that your web experience is as trouble free as possible. The information contained on IGMRI Website is subject to change without prior advance notice. We also aim to be standards compliant and follow principles of usability and universal design, which should help all visitors of this website.