The Indian Grain Storage Management and Research Institute (IGMRI), Hapur and its two field stations located at Hyderabad and Ludhiana are carrying out applied Research & Development activities on various aspects of post harvest technology and management of food grains. Storage Technology developed elsewhere is also tested in Indian conditions. Besides, the quality of food grain is monitored by analyzing samples of food grains for physical, chemical parameters, pesticide residue and mycotoxin contamination etc.  


1. IGMRI has developed code of practices for proper Scientific Storage and handling by recommending cost effective techniques for control of insects, rodents, birds and micro organisms.

2. To investigate the nature, extent and degree of loses due to these factors under different   agro climatic conditions.

3. Testing of new insecticides, rodenticides, fungicides and non-chemical methods for control of store d grain insect, rats and fungi respectively.

4. Assessment of foodgrains losses and their quantitative and qualitative estimation.

5. Evaluation of pest control methods and development of practices for safe storage of foodgrains.

6. Studies on insecticidal/pesticidal resistance in stored grain insect pest.

7. Monitoring of pesticide residues and mycotoxin contamination in foodgrains stored at various level.


Evaluation on factors affecting the quality storability of various foodgrains under lab as well as actual storage conditions. IGMRI also concentrating on developing new management technology for safeguarding the foodgrains under storage from various biotic and abiotic agents. IGMRI is also have some collaborative R&D projects with MNCs, SAU, FCI and others.